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1. Which Spinciti should I buy? Take a look at which motor is best for you (image below):

2. What color options do I have?
Our latest colors are black, grey, navy-blue and red.

3. Where can I purchase a Spinciti?
You may purchase a Spinciti bike in our online store, or in person from our shop in Santa Monica, California. If you would like to visit our shop, please email

1. Owner Manual Spinciti E-bike Amsterdam
2. Display manual
a. 250W
b. 350W
c. 500W

3. How to Read your Spinciti Frame Number Sticker
This symbol means that you must dispose of your EPAC separately from the domestic waste using a return and collection system.

Handling Weight for Transport

Offering great after-sales support is important for us. Standard components For standard bike maintenance and repair on mechanical parts (brakes, derailleurs, chain) you can go to your local bike shop. For any questions, please contact us via email. Electric and electronic components The battery, motor, and display are Spinciti custom designed. Please contact us for further information. Online service You may always contact our customer support team with all your questions!

Spare parts for Spinciti bikes can be bought from either your nearest Spinciti dealer or directly with us by email, at Spinciti can provide you replacement parts for electronic components.

1. What's the easiest way to clean my Spinciti ?
If your Spinciti gets wet, we recommend that you wipe it dry as soon as possible after your ride, using a micro-fiber cloth. We always recommend that your Spinciti is dry before storage.

2. How do I wash my Spinciti?To wash your Spinciti, we recommend that you use a mild liquid soap and water. Use a liquid detergent that is safe on bearings. Use a microfiber cloth to prevent making small scratches on the paint. Always rinse all soap off your Spinciti thoroughly with clean water, then wipe dry. Do not spray electronic parts directly with water. Never spray the Spinciti with a hose or high-pressure cleaning system. Do not polishes, waxes, or solvents to clean your Spinciti bike.

Water and moisture can accelerate corrosion (rust) of the various metallic components on the Spinciti. Spray from roads where salt has been spread on the surface can accelerate this further. Electronic components are particularly susceptible to damage from salty water/moisture, which can lead to premature failure of electronic components.The product warranty does not cover premature failure as a result of corrosion through neglect.

Your Spinciti bike is equipped with a lockable battery, and includes two keys. These keys have a serial number to replicate them in case of loss. Remember to always keep a spare key and take note of the serial number of your lock core. In case of loss, you can send us the serial number of your key for a new one, the cost for a new pair of keys is $100 USD.

Our 400 and 500 Wh. Batteries are very energy efficient. They combine impressive range, a long lifetime, and low weight with an ergonomic design and simple handling.

The exact range you will reach depends on the way you will use your bike. The range of the batteries can vary depending on different factors:

The effort of the rider

The total weight: rider weight + bike weight + luggage weight (backpack, mobile phone, wallet, etc.)

Cadence: how many times you turn the crank on average per minute.

The riding mode: ECO; Tour, Sport, Turbo. The ECO riding mode allows nearly double the range of the Turbo riding mode.

Average speed

The battery model (400Wh or a 500Wh)

The type of terrain and surface

The wind conditions and the season (in winter the performance of the batteries change and loses 10-15% of the capacity)

Spinciti bicycles are sold exclusively through and authorized dealers. Spinciti Inc. provides each original retail purchaser of a new Spinciti bike a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship as follows:

- Lifetime warranty On frames and forks, for the lifetime of the original owner.

- 1 Year warranty on mechanical parts including drivetrain and brakes, covered against manufacturer defect.

The Limited Warranty is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, and proper maintainance. For shipped bikes, Spinciti recommends that your bike be assembled by a professional mechanic.

Spinciti recommends that you register your bicycle with Spinciti before a warranty claim may be processed. Even if registration is not required to take advantage of the Spinciti Limited Warranty, Spinciti encourages you to register your bicycle to allow Spinciti to provide you better service.

The warranty covers all original components against defects in workmanship and materials. To exercise the rights under this Limited Warranty, the bicycle or frameset must be presented to an authorized Spinciti dealer on the same country on which the bike was purchased, together with a written proof of purchase which identifies the bicycle or frame-set by serial number.

During the warranty period, Spinciti will replace or repair the goods showing a defect. If the replacement or repair is excessive or impossible, or if it is impossible to deliver within a reasonable time, you have the right to ask for a price reduction or to ask for a change.

The warranty does not cover an incorrect assembly or installation of the product by the user; an improper or negligent use, operation or transformation of the product; failure to follow maintenance instructions of the product (e.g., lack of support of the brakes); normal wear and tear; defects inherent to the regular use or service life of the product, such as a flat battery that can be replaced by the consumer; damages or imperfections due to accidents.

Price shown on the website does not include delivery cost. Deliveries are currently to the continental USA only. If you live in another country, sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date. If you have delivery questions, please message us at

We want you to love your bike. But if you're having second thoughts, you can return your bike within a period of 15 days. Contact us and we'll send you detailed instructions explaining how to return the bike.

At this time, we only sell to customers for delivery to the USA. We are planning to launch deliveries, test rides and an after-sales service in other countries as well in the future.

Within the continental USA, your bike will be delivered within 10 days.


If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to your Spinciti using the Spinciti App or are unable to update the firmware on your device, we would advise taking the following steps to resolve the issue.

- Check you have the latest version of the App installed

- Check devise and Bluetooth connection

- Boost Button Power Up

- Clear the Cache and Data and reinstall the App

1. Check the latest version of the app is installed

a. Go to Google Play or Apple App store.

b. Search Spinciti App and install any updates.

2. Check device and Bluetooth Pairing

a. Check that your Spinciti is paired to your device and that there are no other devices connected to the Spinciti. If the Spinciti ebike is connected to another device, it can prevent the Spinciti from being seen in your Bluetooth settings.

3. Clear the Cache and Data and reinstall the app

If you're still unable to connect or having issues with the app.

Android device:

Enter the device Settings > In search bar > search 'Spinciti' > Storage > 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data;


Enter the iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Scroll down to find 'Spinciti' > Press 'Delete App’> Go to the app store>search Spinciti>download app Once this has been done, you can enter the App. You will need to complete setup in the App as this process clears your user data. Make sure you use the same email address when re-registering the App.

The Spinciti App does not need to be connected for the Spinciti to work. The Spinciti App is an accessory provided free of charge to all Spinciti owners. The product doesn't have to be ridden or operated without forming part of the core Spinciti specification.

If you change your mobile device, you will need to know the email address you initially registered your Spinciti and then go through setup again to authorize it to control your Spinciti.

No, you do not need to connect your phone for the Spinciti to operate.

Firmware contained within the Spinciti provides the control program responsible for its operation.

Firmware upgrades are often necessary to fix bugs and/or add or improve functionality. Upgrading firmware to the latest available version will ensure the best possible performance.

REMEMBER! Electric bicycle speed regulations vary by country—consult your local authority for information. Electric bicycle motor regulations vary by country—consult your local authority for information. Battery capacity and performance may vary from battery pack to battery pack. This product has been designed with a maximum recommended weight limit of 150kg (330lbs) for the rider, clothing and all luggage, and is intended for use on paved roads.